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See how JS International Group has helped clients meet specific content, documentation, and courseware development challenges. Whether your need is related to an innovative training solution or simply learning more about documentation, the sample information provided below will help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Note: The downloadable PDF's are only partial documents and not the complete procedure/manual.

  • Administrative Procedure Development
  • Bolting and Torque Standard
  • Gas Compressor Level B Preventive Maintenance
  • General Motors OPS Computer Controls
  • Goulds Centrifugal Pump Overhaul
  • Maintenance Workflow Swim-lane Diagram
  • Material Procurement Process Flow
  • Olin Chemical Rotoflow Expander Overhaul
  • PeopleSoft CIS Overview Participant User Manual
  • Raw Water Pump Bearing Replacement
  • Reverse Indicator Alignment Mentor Guide
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter Replacement Procedure
  • Safety/Relief Valves Performance Test
  • Skill Check - Agitator Overhaul
  • Startup - Combustion Turbine Lube Oil Flush
  • Startup - Electric Fire Pump Procedure
  • Startup - Water Wash Valve Lineup
  • Supervisor Pre-Job Briefing Form
  • User Manual - Purchase Requisition