TUESDAY,Apr 23,2024.

In The Beginning......

Four associates worked together on power plant projects in North Carolina and Oregon in 1985. Since that time JS International Group has evolved into a staff of associates with experience that spans a broad spectrum of industries.
JSIG has the ability to ramp up quickly for large or urgent projects or to complete multiple projects simultaneously. We also bring to each client the benefit of having worked with the best practices of many leading U.S. companies.

Svetlana Mokeeva - President

The founder of JSIG, Ms. Mokeeva has a degree from the Samara Institute of Technology in the electrical field. She has administrative experience with various industries in Russia and provides oversight of the JSIG office in the U.S.

John Beasley - Associate

Mr. Beasley has over 25 years experience in construction, startup, maintenance, operation and training within fossil and nuclear power plants, petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, and Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities.

JL Bickham - Associate

Mr. Bickham has a wide range of industrial experience in start-up/commissioning, turnover coordinator, operations/maintenance, technical writer, instructor, and emergency planner.

Dave Bischof - Associate

Mr. Bischof has over 20 years of commercial and DOE nuclear experience as an instrumentation and controls trainer, technical writer, training program development, and Navy reactor operator.

Ted Lewallen - Associate

Mr. Lewallen has over 20 years of experience with the utilities and Department of Energy as Operations Shift Supervisor, technical writer, instructor, and training material developer.

Michael Rostocil - Associate

Mr. Rostocil has extensive experience which covers project controls, planning/scheduling , maintenance supervision, training, quality assurance/control, and construction for a broad range of areas including commercial and governmental nuclear.