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At JS International Group, we develop and maintain documentation and Online Help systems that support our clients’ business applications. Whether you need to update existing documentation or develop new content to support operations or maintenance—JS International Group of professionals have the skills, experience, and tools to handle most any need. Our client-focused approach gives you options—from individual on-site support to complete outsourcing solutions.

JS International Group has provided flexible and reliable solutions:

  • Providing information in "real-time" within an Online Help system
  • Creating Product Documentation for a new product launch
  • Updating Software Documentation for a new release or application
  • Documenting business Processes & Procedures for your internal or external audience
  • Providing Editing & Proofing services to ensure logical flow, correct focus and a professional appearance

We are fluent in all industry-standard publishing tools, structured documentation, and single-sourcing. We also have extensive experience working with content management systems and other leading- edge technologies. Discover how we have helped our clients with their documentation and Online Help challenges by viewing a sample of our recent projects.

The JS International Group Benefit

JS International Group has the experience and skills to deliver the results you are looking for. We call this the JS International Group Benefit and it is why we have been successful supporting the product documentation needs of various companies. When you partner with JS International Group, you can be assured that your documentation will be completed on schedule and on budget, meeting your design goals and expectations.
Discover how we have helped our clients with their document challenges by viewing examples of our recent projects.